How does it work

How does it work?

1. Every weekday carefully selected vintage bandanas are available on INSTAGRAM. All bandanas are the same size (55x55cm), meaning it is the same size for your little-one, yourself or your dog.

2. Click on the bandana you want and select the yarn you like. For examples of the yarns. Please check link

3. Let us know what name you want. Max 6 letters.

4. Continue for your details. 

5. You receive the bandana within 10 days. 

For any other questions, please DM or mail to


1. A blanco bandana without any embroidery costs 29 euro excluding shipping costs

2. A bandana with 1 one, meaning all letters are the same yarn, costs 35 euro including shipping costs

3. A bandana with multi yarn, meaning all letters are different yarn, costs 45 euro including shipping costs

toevoegen: ik heb 3 stijlen, bandana cowboy, bandana knoop en ruffle bandana. 
Je kunt kiezen uit mijn designs of je kunt er zelf eentje designen. Dit valt onder one of a kind. 

Zie hier de beschikbare van bandana cowboy
Zie hier van knoop
en van ruffle
en one of a kind