I started Flora Bandana with just a grandmother's embroidery machine, and 10 scarves.
Then I approached 50 women, to test and they were super enthusiastic.
Now 2.5 years later I have a studio, the best collaborations, been in the ELLE and still have 1000 great ideas and plans.
The community of FLORA is growing more and more and I receive the nicest combinations and suggestions, videos where the FLORA is styled from people.
At FLORA you can unleash your own creativity. You can create your own bandana, with colors that suit you and cool symbols.
This can be for yourself, but also for your fraternity, sports team, corporate event, wedding or as a gift for a birth.
I want to create together in connection, so DM or mail for your idea and together we will make your unique custom bandana.
I can't wait to roll out our next 10 years of plans.
Love Flora