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Collection: One of a kind bandana / Custom your own!

You can send me a DM and we create together in the DM the bandana.
You can choose the style, symbols, words and or names and colors.
So we create your own FLORA BANDANA.


  • One word/name with one yarn is 37,50 euro 
  • One word/name with multi yarn is 45 euro
  • Every symbol added is 5 euro
  • Knotted version is 35 euro 

How does it work:

Together we are going to create a super cool bandana. Of course you can look between my designs if you see something nice, the choice is quickly made. But I understand that it is much more fun to come up with something yourself. It's easy:

- For the symbols you can actually do anything. But below you will find some ideas:

- For the yarn you will find all available colors here:

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