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Collection: One of a kind bandana / Custom your own!

Every night at 8 p.m. you can comment on a one-of-a-kind bandana via the instagram story sale.
Together in the DM we will put together the bandana.
You can choose the style, symbols, words and or names and colors.
So we create your own FLORA BANDANA.

  • One word/name with one yarn is 37,50 euro 
  • One word/name with multi yarn is 45 euro
  • Every symbol added is 5 euro
  • Knotted version is 35 euro 

How does it work:

Together we are going to create a super cool bandana. Of course you can look between my designs if you see something nice, the choice is quickly made. But I understand that it is much more fun to come up with something yourself. It's easy:

- For the symbols you can actually do anything. But below you will find some ideas:

- For the yarn you will find all available colors here:

Check my instagram


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